Tuesday, December 27, 2011

January Sale at The Loom!!!

Happy Holidays to all!

Firstly, if you read the last blog, I had a picture of a mitten (Arc Mittens) from the magazine Interweave Knits and there is a mistake - before you rip anything out because something isn't working, check 'errata' and the name of the magazine or pattern - often the pattern is wrong in published books or magazines. In this case the photo is reversed, so my brain went for a journey, before I wondered if I was right and the pattern was incorrect in some way....and sure enough.

The January Sale begins on January 2nd, 2012 for the whole month. 20% off of all regularly priced knitting yarns - how exciting!

We have a few new sample sweaters knitted by our fabulous knitter Sylvia - what a dream knitter she is.
This is made with Rowan Lima and we could have sold this a number of times - it is so beautiful and the picture just doesn't do it justice.  Another lovely piece is made with Drops alpaca doubled.

Simple patterns and a pleasure to knit with these fine yarns.  Yet another sweater made with Drops Puddel....

The cowl in the lower right corner is made with Fleece Artist Big Merino - done in the round but I twisted it more than I should have by picking up my needles and inadvertantly twisted it more than I should have but it looks great on.  The wool is great to knit.

I have smitten-itis - and this smitten is knit with Mochi plus with a little ruffle made with Katia Ondas just folded in half and knit one round. The pattern is from my favourite book in the whole wide world '365 Stitches a Year' calendar - Tweed rib stitch - easy - multiple of two, slip 1, knit 1, YO, psso the knit 1 and YO.

And another pair from Maggie Smith and Calypso Knits - easy fingerless mittens. I made them out of Noro Silk Garden on 4.5 and found them a little big - probably the silk and I have small hands. I then made them out of Eastwin Farm mohair blend that we dye at Leola's Studio on a 4 mm and they were perfect and snug - will post a picture of the one smitten I have done - just have to take a picture. The pattern is free on Ravelry.

And the sample I am working on now is a cable also from the calendar and using Berroco Peruvia Quick - multiple of 15 and I added 5 stitches on either side - guess I am doing a collar-y thing - Just weighed what I had left and will have to rip it out and change my needle size in order to get enough length and I wanted to edge with the tweed rib anyway to stop the curl. It calls for 8 mm but I think I will try a 10 mm. I love this yarn and we will be getting more colours in soon.

And a couple more books that I delight in having around - the first one, which I use all the time....and just to read and enjoy, Elizabeth Zimmerman.....she is my kind of knitter!

And Nicky Epstein too - if I am bored I try a new sample from her books and of course the 365 Stitches a year calendar - I panic if I don't have one with me. I have one at home, one in my knitting bag and one in the studio.

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